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Dental Care

Routine dental care is very important in our pets.For many of our pets, this involves a thorough dental cleaning, polishing, and fluoride treatment to prevent tooth decay and other issues. If it has been recommended that your pet have a dental prophylactic cleaning, this means that our highly trained dental technicians will clean all of the teeth, both above AND below the gum line to get rid of the tartar and plaque that has been building up, then the teeth will be polished to give them a smooth, lustrous shine that helps to slow the buildup of tartar. They will then be treated with fluoride to further slow the buildup of tartar.While our technicians are caring for your pets’ teeth, the doctor is monitoring your pets vitals while he or she is under anesthesia as we feel you cannot adequately clean the teeth without having a pet under anesthesia. The doctor will then perform any necessary extractions or oral surgery, which may include simple extractions, gingival flaps, tooth sectioning, gingival reshaping, or mass removal. We also perform nerve blocks prior to any significant extractions, which allows your pet to spend several hours without any discomfort from their extractions.

The best time to have your pets’ teeth cleaned is when tartar and plaque START to be noticeable.If the tartar and plaque builds up too much, or for too long, it can cause gingival disease and start to weaken the structure of the teeth and lead to other systemic issues such as heart or kidney disease.

Talk to the staff at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic today to see what you can be doing AT HOME to slow the buildup of tartar and plaque. You can also ask them to check your pets’ teeth to see when we should schedule them for a dental prophylactic cleaning!



A good time for teeth cleaning is when tartar begins forming on your pet’s teeth. Waiting too long can cause excessive build up resulting in gum disease, tooth decay, and further medical complications.



A yearly cleaning can not only leave your pets teeth shiny and white, but also adds years and many happy memories to your pet’s life.


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