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Puppy and Kitten Care

puppy/kitten care

Have you recently added a puppy or kitten to your family? Are you planning to in the near future? Congratulations, puppies and kittens are a much bigger part of our lives than any of us realize when we first bring them home. As important as it is to introduce your puppy or kitten to each of your family members, it is also very important to introduce them to the staff at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic as soon as you can.

Puppies and kittens, much like children, grow and change very rapidly and also battle many parasites and diseases that often need skilled veterinary care to treat or prevent. Your veterinary team at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic will talk you through all of these issues during the first few weeks and months of your puppies and kittens life.

Puppies and kittens also need several (typically 3 to 4) series of vaccines during the first few months of life to prevent some of the debilitating and often fatal diseases that they can suffer from. The doctors at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic will talk to you at your first visit about the vaccines that your new pet needs.

Puppy and kitten wellness visits also allow the doctor to assess your new pet from ‘nose-to-tail’ so that we can ensure he or she is growing appropriately, screen for congenital issues, and make sure they are free of parasites. We will also talk to you about various breed-specific health concerns or training tips that you will want to know as you get started.

The doctors at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic will also talk to you about when you should spay or neuter your pet as we believe there isn’t a single age that is appropriate for every breed. When we spay or neuter them can be of great benefit in decreasing their risk of various types of cancer and developmental issues.

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