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Radiology, including digital radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasound are invaluable tools in veterinary medicine. They are simple tests that can be performed in our office, while you wait, and provide answers to many of our questions.


Both radiographs and ultrasound are painless diagnostics that allow us to look deeper into what is going on INSIDE your pet, without causing any trauma. Radiographs allow us to look at changes to bones (fractures, dislocations, arthritis, deformities, cancer, etc.) as well as the size and shape of nearly every organ in the body. Ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to allow us to look at thin images of your pets abdomen or heart. This allows us to discern if there is internal trauma/bleeding, and also helps to guide us towards the particular organ that may be causing your pets illness. Ultrasound can be used in several emergency situations to help us stabilize your pet. It can also be used to determine whether your dog or cat is pregnant, and also give us a chance to see the puppies and kittens, long before they are born!

Pendleton Veterinary Clinic takes pride in knowing that our radiology service is state-of-the-art and loves being able to serve you and your pet with this service!


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