Puppyproofing Tips

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! Your new canine buddy is bound to melt your heart with his adorable face and charming antics. Puppies definitely are super cute, but they also need a lot of supervision. Little Fido has a lot to learn about the world, and won’t really know what is and isn’t safe for him. Read on as an Anderson, IN vet offers some helpful tips on making your home safe for your furry friend.

Small or Sharp Items

Small objects, like beads, buttons, jewelry, and pen caps, all pose serious choking risks. Fishing lures and tackle, sewing kits, nails, screws, safety pins, and other small or sharp items are also hazardous. Store these things in a safe place.

Wires and Cords

Your playful pet could get into some serious trouble by chewing on a live wire! Drape cords are also a danger. Secure wires and cords, or treat them with taste deterrent.


Many household plants are poisonous to dogs. Remove any toxic plants. If you’re not sure whether or not your plants are safe, check the ASPCA website.


Keep automotive products, cleaning agents, paints, and other chemicals in secure cabinets that little Fido can’t access. Lawn/garden products, such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, are also dangerous.


Dogs sometimes like to chew on clothing, particularly socks, towels, and undergarments. Don’t leave dirty laundry on the floor!


Plastic bags, wrappers, and ties are all serious choking hazards. If you keep spare bags, make sure your pet can’t reach them. You’ll also want to cut the plastic rings that hold beverages together.

Personal Items

Shoes, purses, books, cell phones, and remotes are all fair game for a frisky puppy. Keep these things out of paws’ reach!


Garbage can contain all sorts of dangerous objects, such as can lids, wrappers, and tin foil. Use a garbage can with a secure lid.


Making sure your canine buddy has suitable chew toys is very important! Puzzle toys and treat toys are great for baby dogs. Training is also crucial when it comes to developing good petiquette. Never punish your pooch for chewing inappropriately. Since chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, little Fido won’t understand what he did wrong. Focus on rewarding good behavior instead.

Please contact us, your Anderson, IN animal clinic, for all your puppy’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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