Keep Your Pet Safe from Autumn Hazards

Autumn is officially upon us! As is the case with every season, fall time brings with it a few pet hazards to remain aware of. Your Anderson, IN vet elaborates below:

Colder Temperatures

The first thing to bear in mind is that it’s getting colder outside. Don’t leave your pet outdoors for long stretches of time, especially at night when temperatures can even dip below freezing. Your pet will be most comfortable relaxing indoors with you and your family!

Pesticide Products

With the weather cooling outdoors, certain pests like insects, roaches, and small rodents might invade our homes to seek shelter. Often, homeowners use pesticides to solve the problem. Always use pesticides with caution, though, as these products are poisons designed to kill what comes in contact with them! Choose products made specifically for pet households, or try non-toxic options like traps.

School Supplies

Do you have young children who have recently returned to school? As they continue work on their school projects, you might have supplies like glue sticks, markers, scissors, or crayons lying around the house. Remember that these supplies can pose a threat to pets who decide to chow down on them—it’s best to store school supplies where pets can’t reach.

Halloween Hazards

Halloween and trick-or-treat night will be here before you know it! Halloween is a particularly hazardous holiday for dogs and cats, as chocolate and candy can cause poisoning even in small amounts. Don’t let your pet anywhere near the treat bowl. If you’re dressing your pet up in their very own costume, make sure it fits properly and check for any small parts that could be chewed off, swallowed, or choked on.

Wild Mushrooms

Did you know that autumn is peak season for mushrooms? Most wild mushrooms that might grow in your backyard aren’t toxic, but even benign mushrooms could make your pet sick—they might have been sprayed with weed killer or fertilizers, and they could also present a choking hazard. Don’t let your pet investigate any mushrooms growing outdoors this fall.

Wild Animals

Injuries from encounters with wild animals like opossums and raccoons tend to increase in the autumn, and snakes are a particular problem for pets as well. Snakes are preparing to hibernate for the winter, so they’re more likely to bite a pet who disturbs them. Monitor pets closely while outside!

For more tips, contact your Anderson, IN veterinarian.

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