Holiday Gifts for Small Pets

The holidays are coming up quickly! As you pick out gifts for your friends and family, don’t forget about your pet. It’s easy to find presents for dogs and cats, but what about other animals? In this article, a local Anderson, IN vet offers some gift suggestions for pocket pets, birds, reptiles, and exotic pets.

Pocket Pets

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other tiny furballs all really like tunnels and mazes and/or solid exercise wheels. Chew toys are another great option. These little ones have open-rooted teeth, so they need to chew a lot to keep their teeth healthy. You can make many suitable chew toys out of cardboard, paper, or wood. Look online for ideas and instructions.


Floppy is a very adorable pet! Your bunny may enjoy a cardboard box castle, a box of shredded paper, or perhaps a woven cardboard mat. You can even make your furry pal a little ‘hopstacle’ course to explore!


There are all sorts of things you can get for Polly. Your feathered pal may benefit from some new perches. Toys are also a great option for birds. Offer your winged friend a wicker basket filled with smaller playthings. Or, make her some cute hanging toys out of things like poker chips, playing cards, shower curtain rings, and bottlecaps.


Reptiles generally aren’t particularly playful. Why not offer your scaled buddy a new piece of tank decoration, such as a climbing branch or a new hide box?

Exotic Pets

Toys and hidey-holes are good options for many exotic pets. Treats are also fine. However, exotic pets all have their own unique nutritional needs. Chinchillas may enjoy some rose hips, dandelion leaves, or hibiscus. For this special occasion, they can also have small amounts of seeds, nuts, or dried fruit. A hedgehog, on the other hand, can have some cooked eggs, chicken, or turkey; moist dog or cat treats; mealworms; or crickets. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

All Of The Above

The pets mentioned above all typically live in tanks or cages. A bigger, better habitat would be a great gift for any of them!


Always put safety first. Never give your pet anything with ropes, threads, small parts, or sharp edges, or anything covered in varnish, paint, or dye.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Anderson, IN vet clinic, anytime. We’re always happy to help!

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