8 Adorable Ways Cats Demand Respect

March 28th is Respect Your Cat Day! This special kitty holiday may very well be one of Fluffy’s favorite days. After all, cats do have a way of demanding respect, even when they’re being, well, a bit rude. Read on as an Anderson, IN vet list some quirky ways Fluffy demands respect.

The Chair Steal

Have you ever gotten up for a moment, only to have your furry buddy immediately hop into your chair? Cats are quite the little opportunists, and will never pass up the chance to snag a warm napping spot.

The Litterbox

If your cat’s litterbox gets too dirty, she may stop using it. We really can’t blame Fluffy for this one. No one likes a dirty bathroom!

Bed Hog

Our feline overlords generally aren’t very big. Yet, somehow, Fluffy often manages to take up the vast majority of her humans’ beds, relegating her owners to the side. Many of us also end up ‘trapped’ when our cats fall asleep on our laps.

Talking Back

Some of our furry friends are quite talkative. Fluffy may meow at you to demand that you feed her, pet her, or pick her up. She may even answer when you address her!


Have you ever wondered where your furball was? You may have started to worry when Fluffy didn’t answer your summons, only to find her nonchalantly relaxing in the next room. Studies show that yes, cats do know when we’re calling them. They sometimes just choose to ignore us.

Cat’s Laws

Cats are super cute, so it’s no surprise that we like to pet and cuddle them. However, this will only happen on Fluffy’s terms. If you try to pick up or pet your kitty when she doesn’t feel like snuggling, she’ll immediately walk away. She may even bite you lightly!

The Ferocious Predator

If your cat is allowed out, you may very well find Fluffy leaving ‘presents’ on your doorstep. Chances are, your furball will look extremely proud of herself, and will expect to be petted and praised for her prowess.


Kitties can be a bit finicky. Fluffy may beg for dinner, only to turn her nose up and refuse the food you offer her. There’s just no accounting for taste!

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