DIY Beds for Large Dogs

Here at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. However, big dogs have a special place in our hearts. These lovable pooches have huge personalities, and huge hearts, along with huge heads and huge paws. Buying things for large breeds can be a bit tricky, not to mention expensive. Read on as an Anderson, IN vet lists some things you can make your big buddy.


Good bedding is an absolute must for large dogs. Fido tends to squash regular beds in no time. Once his mattress thins out, he’ll basically be sleeping on the floor. This can be pretty rough on your pup’s bones and joints. Many larger dogs are prone to developing arthritis or hip dysplasia, so it’s important to make sure your pet can sleep comfortably.


One option is to repurpose a toddler mattress or even a twin-sized mattress. (Bonus: if you go this route, you can buy fitted sheets for Fido’s bed. This makes for easy cleaning.) If you want to add extra padding, buy some pet-safe foam, and put it on top of the mattress. You can also make a bed by stacking layers of foam, cutting them to a uniform shape, and then sewing a cover for the whole thing. If you like, you can add a thick comforter or mattress topper for extra support.


Measuring your furry buddy from nose to tail will give you a good idea of how much space he will need. Of course, Fido’s size isn’t the only thing to consider here. Observe your pooch, and watch how he sleeps. If he likes to stretch out, you’ll need to make sure the bed is a bit longer than he is. If he sleeps curled up, consider making a bed with raised edges.

Bed Frames

It’s probably worth your while to put Fido’s bed in a frame. If you look online, you’ll find some great ideas for making frames out of lumber or pallets. You can also repurpose a tractor tire. Another option is to take a table with four legs and turn it over. Add a coat of paint or varnish to make it look nice. Just make sure there are no nails, boards, or sharp pieces sticking out.

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