6 Things Confused Dogs Want To Sort Out In 2020

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2020? If so, your canine buddy will certainly cheer you on with tail wags and doggy smooches as you strive to meet your goals. As it turns out, Fido may also have a few goals for the coming year. We suspect that there are some things Man’s Best Friend would love to figure out this year. A local Anderson, IN vet lists some resolutions for confused dogs in this article.

Why Do You Keep Throwing My Toys?

Fetch is one of Fido’s favorite games. However, not all of our canine patients are very good at it. Some pups will just look at you with an adorable perplexed look when you toss a ball or stick for them.

What’s Wrong With The Cat?

We really can’t blame Fido for being a bit puzzled about Fluffy. Cats go to the bathroom in a box, hate car rides, and wag their tails when they’re angry. None of this makes any sense to Man’s Best Friend!

Why Is There A Robot In The Closet?

For anyone with a dog, a vacuum is an absolute must. Vacuuming regularly not only helps fight fleas, it also removes dust, dirt, and pet fur from your carpets. Plus, it defeats doggy smells. However, as far as Fido is concerned, the vacuum is an evil robot that makes the house smell weird.

What Is That Little Red Dot?

Our canine pals are absolutely adorable when they are chasing after that elusive red dot. Fido may never figure out his mysterious prey, but he will have fun trying!

Why Are You Trying To Move? I’m Not Done Here

It’s probably safe to say that at some point this year, many of you will find yourselves waiting and waiting and waiting for your furry friends to finish sniffing a specific patch of grass. To Fido’s credit, dogs have very sensitive noses, and pick up a lot of information from scents.

Why Do I Have To Visit The Vet?

Fido will definitely look and feel better with proper care, but he doesn’t quite understand what his appointments are about. Trust us on this one, buddy: coming to see us is for your own good!

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