Rescue Dog Day

May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day! This is one cause that we are more than willing to help promote. Many of our favorite patients have been rescue dogs! These sweet, lovable pups really have a special place in our hearts. Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet discusses rescue dogs.

Adopting Rescue Dogs

If you are ready to bring a new pooch into your life, please consider getting a rescued dog. These guys really are in desperate need of loving homes. Plus, many rescued dogs often make the best pets. Our canine pals are smart enough to know when someone has helped them, and given them the love and care they need. Rescue dogs are often extremely loving and loyal to their humans. It’s a very beautiful and rewarding experience seeing a dog blossom from a hurt, scared pup to a healthy, beloved pet!   

Starting Over

Have you decided to adopt a rescue dog? If so, you have our support! Just be prepared for a few hiccups along the way, especially with dogs that were saved from bad situations. Fido may have some phobias or bad habits you don’t know about yet. Also, rescue dogs are sometimes quite jittery at first, which makes them prone to bolting. Get a leash with a sturdy collar. That way, if something spooks your furry pal and he tries to run, you’ll have a good grip on him. If you have a yard, make sure the fencing is secure, so your canine buddy can’t slip out. Aside from that, just focus on offering great TLC. Don’t force attention on Fido, and don’t punish him for mistakes. Time, patience, love, and treats will help get your that cute tail wagging!

Helping Rescue Dogs

Adoption isn’t the only thing you can do to help rescued dogs. You can also help by donating money or supplies to rescue organizations. If you want to go a bit further, look into volunteering or even fostering. Even spreading the word on social media will help! Also, if you know of a dog that’s in a bad situation, don’t hesitate to contact authorities. In many places, you can do so anonymously, which will take away concerns about reprisal. A quick phone call may save a dog’s life!

Please contact us, your Anderson, IN vet clinic, for all your pup’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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