Letting Your Hamster Use a Runabout

Do you have a pet hamster? Hammie is a pretty adorable little guy. One thing your furry friend may enjoy is a runabout, or exercise ball. This is a cute way to let your pet out of his cage! Read on for some tips from an Anderson, IN vet on letting your pet out to play.

Shop Carefully

First things first: choose a runabout that is the right size for your tiny buddy. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Let Hammie Choose

Hamsters may be small, but they do have personalities … and preferences. Some hamsters love their runabouts. Others? Not so much. Don’t force your pet to use his runabout if he seems frightened of it.


Hammie will quickly get tired running around. Don’t leave him in his ball too long! Generally, about 15 minutes at a time is best. Even if your tiny furball absolutely loves his exercise ball, it’s better to let him have multiple short sessions, rather than one long one.


Hamsters really aren’t potty-trained, so don’t be surprised if your pet makes a mess. Clean the ball after each use, using dish soap or vinegar. Make sure it’s totally dry before you let Hammie go for another spin!


Always double check the lock mechanism, and make sure that Hammie is secured. If the mechanism is too loose, use painter’s tape for additional support.

Ground Level Only

Keep Hammie safe and sound on the floor. You don’t want to risk dropping the little guy! Also, avoid putting your pint-sized pal on a tabletop or counter. He could roll off!

Safety Zone

Don’t let your furry pal roll around in hazardous areas. Keep him away from pools, stairs, fireplaces, and anything else that could endanger him. You may want to put a baby gate up in one room, and keep Hammie in there.

Supervise Your Pet

Always keep a close eye on Hammie when he’s in his ball. Your furry friend could easily get stuck beneath a piece of furniture, or accidentally end up underfoot!

No Go Zone

If you have dogs or cats, put them in another area when Hammie is out and about. You definitely do not want Fluffy or Fido playing soccer with their tiny roommate!

Please contact us, your Anderson, IN vet clinic, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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