Choosing Beds for Large Dogs

We like big mutts and we cannot lie! Here at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic, we have a soft spot for big dogs. Many of our favorite patients are gentle giants. However, these guys definitely have some unique care needs. An Anderson, IN vet discusses choosing beds for big dogs in this article.


A comfy bed is a definite must for these guys. Fido will squish a regular bed in no time! We recommend getting orthopedic mattresses, because of the extra support they offer.

Cot Beds

Cot beds are also a good choice, as they tend to be sturdy. If you have a yard, you can also put one of these outdoors for your pup. They’re easy to hose down and move around as needed.


If an orthopedic mattress is too pricey for you, you can also use a small mattress. Toddler mattresses can be great doggy beds! Futon mattresses will also work. Just make sure that it’s in good condition. You don’t want a spring to rip through the fabric and cut your pet!

Mattress Topper

You can also use a mattress topper, folded over. Depending on how big your furry pal is, you may want to get two, and stack them.

DIY Option

If you like making things, and/or like to save money, you can make Fido’s bed. This is one of the many things you can do with old pallets. You can also turn a table with four legs over, and put thick bedding in that. Use paint or vanish to spruce it up and help it match your décor.


You’ll need to clean your canine pal’s bed regularly. Of course, you probably won’t be able to fit Fido’s bed in the wash. Most likely, you’ll need to vacuum it to clean it. It will also help to get one that has a removable cover. Or, just put a soft blanket over your pet’s bed. You’ll at least be able to wash the covering. You can also occasionally run an iron over the bed, to help kill germs and fleas. (Note: this is not a substitute for parasite control.)


Of course, you can also just let Fido sleep in your bed. Just don’t be surprised if he turns out to be a bit of a bed hog!

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