National Cat Day

There’s a special kitty holiday around the corner! National Cat Day is coming up on October 29th!  Cats definitely deserve to be pampered and made to feel loved all the time. However, this is a great time to celebrate our funny, lovable, cuddly, and sometimes cantankerous feline pals. A local Anderson, IN vet offers some tips on how to brighten up Fluffy’s day in this article. 


Our feline friends are super cute when they are feeling playful. Take a few minutes to hold a laser pointer or wand toy for Fluffy. A new toy is also not inappropriate! You can go for a classic cat toy, like a fuzzy mouse. Or try something new, like a remote-controlled squirrel.

DIY Goodies

Kitties can be picky about some things, like food, getting petted, and nap schedules, but they’re pretty laid back about other things. Your furball doesn’t need expensive toys or furniture. As far as Fluffy is concerned, a cardboard box, paper grocery bag, or soft folded blanket is just as good as an expensive piece of cat furniture. 


Cats may not get quite as excited about treats as dogs do, but they do enjoy a good snack. Offer Fluffy something yummy, like some canned tuna, shredded chicken, or perhaps a bit of deli meat. 


No surprises here! Giving Fluffy some of her favorite plant can be just as much fun for you as it is for her. Get your furry pal a new catnip toy, and then sit back and watch the fun. 

Veterinary Care

We know, Fluffy would rather spend her day sleeping. Regardless of your kitty’s opinion on the matter, she’ll be much healthier with proper care. If your furball hasn’t been in for a while, let this be a reminder to make an appointment.

Projects For Youngsters

Do you have little ones at home? Have them join in the celebration by making something for Fluffy. A box castle is easy, and will definitely get your cat’s little motor going. You can also make your furry friend a bed, window seat, or kitty tent. Another option is to have the kids draw your feline buddy, or write a poem or story about her. These may very well become cherished mementos!

As your Anderson, IN vet clinic, we are dedicated to helping you keep your cat healthy, happy, and purring. Please contact us anytime!

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