Should You Walk Your Cat?

Have you ever considered taking your cat for a walk? While some of our feline pals are homebodies, others do love to get outside. There are some benefits to walking cats. Fluffy will safely get to enjoy some fresh air and stimulation. She’ll also get a good workout in. You may also find that you enjoy taking strolls with your kitty. Just be sure to put safety first. A local Anderson, IN vet offers some advice on walking Fluffy in this article. 

Get The Right Gear

You’ll need to get a harness, instead of a collar, for your furry pal. Make sure that it fits comfortable, and isn’t too tight or restricting. A good leash is also a must!

Stick To Safe Areas

When walking Fluffy, take care not to expose her to danger. Stay away from things like busy roads, construction areas, or places where there may be dogs running off-leash. You’ll also want to be careful around trees. You may find yourself in a bit of a pickle if your cat climbs one while wearing her leash! 

Let Fluffy Get Used To Her Gear 

Don’t just put a harness on your furry buddy and head outdoors. You’ll need time to let her get accustomed to it. Start by just letting her wear the harness indoors. Next, attach the leash and let her drag that around. Supervise this process closely, and don’t take Fluffy outdoors until she’s comfortable with her gear.

Think It Over

While cats do benefit from the exercise and stimulation they get from going outdoors, walks aren’t necessarily a great option for every furball. In general, we recommend keeping our feline friends indoors. If you have a kitten, or if Fluffy has just never been outdoors, it may be best to let sleeping cats lie.

Keep Up With Preventative Care

Before taking your kitty outdoors, make sure that she has been fixed and microchipped. Fluffy should also be up to date on her parasite control products. 

Be Prepared For A Spoiled Cat

If you start taking your furry companion outside, and she likes it, you may find that you have created something of a monster. Fluffy may soon come to expect—and demand—to be taken out daily. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your Anderson, IN vet clinic, we’re always here to help. 

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