Summer Chinchilla Care

Have you recently adopted a chinchilla? Good for you! These little guys are really very cute and lovable. However, they are also very sensitive to heat, and do not do well at all in hot weather. In fact, chinchillas are in danger of overheating any time the temperatures are over 75F! Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet offers some advice on keeping your chin cool.


The reason summer is so dangerous to chinchillas is because of the kind of fur they have. They can have as many as 100 hairs per follicle. This type of coat is suited for keeping animals warm in cold, dry, climates.

Climate Control

We strongly recommend keeping chinchillas in rooms with air conditioning. Fans move the air around, but they don’t really lower the temperature.

Watch For Warning Signs

Watch for signs that your chin is overheating. Some of these include red ears, panting, and lethargy. If you know or suspect that your adorable little friend is too hot, you’ll need to take immediate steps to cool him down. One option is to give him a frozen ceramic tile to lay on. Call your vet as you are doing this. Your tiny pal may need emergency care, but you’ll need to stabilize him before coming in.

Cage Location

Make sure your tiny buddy’s cage is in a good spot. It shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. Most chinchillas prefer quiet areas where they can still see, hear, and interact with their humans. If the room your fuzzy friend is in is very sunny, consider getting blackout curtains.

Monitor The Temps

Don’t just go by how the room feels. Many people are quite comfortable at temperatures that are far too hot for chinchillas. Get a thermometer, and keep an eye on it.

Provide Dust Baths

Chinchillas clean themselves using dust to soak up oil and dirt from their fur. Your pint-sized buddy may want to bathe more frequently in summer. You can also try keeping the dust in the fridge.

Ice Pack

Here’s an easy way to cool your chinny off: wrap a towel or fleece cover around an ice pack or freezer cooling pack, to make sure your furball can’t bite into the plastic. Put it in your pet’s cage for them to rest on. Voila!

As your Anderson, IN animal clinic, we are here to help. Contact us anytime!

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