Getting A Second Cat

November 19th is now Get Your Pet A Pal Day! If you’re considering adding a second furball to your household, this is a purrfect time to do it. However, there are things to consider when getting a second cat. A local Anderson, IN vet lists some key ones below.

Fluffy’s Age

Don’t assume that Fluffy and Mittens will get along. While most kitties can eventually learn to at least tolerate each other, some just never become friends. Age is definitely a factor. An older cat who has always been an only pet will have a harder time than one who is used to having furry roommates. If your feline buddy is a senior, and you’re considering getting a kitten, you may want to think about getting two babies. The little ones can play with each other, and leave your senior pet in peace. Understandably, an older cat may not be thrilled about having a youngster pouncing on her tail.

Settling In

Introducing Fluffy and Mittens will likely go much more smoothly if you separate them at first. Put your new furball in a quiet back room with the requisite kitty necessities. The next day, switch them around, and let them swap places. This way, they can get used to each other’s scents before they meet. They can also play ‘Paws under the door.’ Wait until they seem fairly calm before officially introducing them. You might see some hissing at first: that’s normal. If they fight, separate them and start over.

Health Conditions

Does your resident furball have any chronic health issues? This is also something to consider. A cat that is very stiff and sore could get hurt in a tussle with a new roommate. You’ll also want to get your new kitty current on vaccines and parasite control before introducing them. Both pets should also be fixed.


Fluffy and Mittens may need time to get used to each other. You can help them become friends. Offering them catnip and treats together is often effective. Dual play sessions also help. Kitties can be quite jealous and territorial. Make sure that you have plenty of toys, beds, and furniture, and pay them equal attention. Be patient! It may take up to a year for your feline friends to really accept each other.

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