Spoil Your Dog Day: Playing Games With Fido

There’s a pretty fun doggy holiday coming up, and it’s probably safe to say that this one will get tails wagging all over the country: August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day! Toys and treats will definitely brighten up Fido’s day, but what your furry pal really wants is to spend time with you. Here, an Anderson, IN vet lists some fun games that you can play with your pooch.


This one probably won’t be much of a surprise. Fido’s favorite game will never stop being adorable! You can use a tennis ball, toy, or Frisbee. Just choose something that is an appropriate size for your canine pal.

Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is another doggy favorite. Slip into a room, and hide behind a door, wall, or curtain. You can also drape yourself in a blanket. (Note: you wouldn’t want to do this with a pooch that is very nervous and/or is easily frightened.)

Scavenger Hunt

Is your four-legged friend always following his nose? This one may be a hit with him. Hide small treats around the house, and have your canine companion seek out the snacks. Just remember to go back and pick up anything your furry best friend missed.


Got an active pup that loves to run? Take turns chasing Fido and having him chase you. This can also be a fun game for kids to play with the family pet.

Three Cups

This is a great one for senior dogs, as it provides lots of mental stimulation but isn’t physically strenuous. You’ll want three cups and a treat. Put a treat under one of the cups, then move them around. You can also use your hands: pick up a treat, close your hand, put them behind your back briefly, and then have Fido guess which hand has the goody.

Red Light/Green Light

This classic children’s game can not only be lots of fun for your furry friend, it’s also a good way to reinforce training. Instead of saying Red Light, Green Light, just change the commands to Stay and Come.


Not all games are right for every pup. It’s important for your canine buddy to trust you, and to know that you’re playing with him, not teasing him. Also, be sure to only use toys that are safe for Fido.

Please contact us, your Anderson, IN pet hospital, with any questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. We’re here to help!

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