5 Reasons To Love Mutts

December 2nd is National Mutt Day! (There’s another Mutt Day in July, but we suspect Fido won’t mind celebrating twice.) Quite a few of our canine pals are mutts. While we certainly love and appreciate purebreds, we also have a soft spot for those lovable mixed breed pups. An Anderson, IN vet lists some reasons why in this article. 




With some mutts, you can give a pretty good guestimate about what breeds were in Fido’s family tree. With others, it looks like they were assorted from leftover parts from various other pooches. That makes for some very uniquely adorable pups! 


Best Of Both (Or All) Worlds


There are both pros and cons to having a purebred pooch. If you know that you want a pup with a certain look or temperament, then it makes sense to get a dog that you know will fit that bill. However, keep in mind that each breed was developed to perform specific tasks. Fido’s original job will still be hardwired into his psyche. For instance, most Golden Retrievers love water, while some herding dogs have a habit of trying to corral their humans. Mutts didn’t specialize in specific things, so they aren’t as likely to be hyper focused on things like hunting or tracking. (Your furry pal may still be obsessed with chasing squirrels, but that’s another topic.)


Reduced Risks Of Certain Health Issues


Another downside of purebreds? They often have higher risks of developing specific health issues. It’s true that any pooch can develop any condition, at any time. However, because purebreds come from smaller gene pools, they tend to have built-in vulnerabilities. Mutts are by no means immune from illness and disease, but they often tend to be pretty hardy.


Guilt-Free Adoption


There are some wonderful breeders out there, who prioritize the health and well-being of their furry wards. Unfortunately, there are also some very unscrupulous ones, who are only concerned with profits. When you adopt a mutt, you’ll know that you aren’t lining the pockets of a cruel puppy mill owner. (Bonus: you may also find that adopting a mutt is much easier on the wallet.)


They’re Adorable 


To be fair, we could say this about all of our canine companions. However, many mixed breeds are really charming, with their unique and lovable faces and demeanors. There’s a lot to be said for having a purebred mutt!


All of us wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us, your local Anderson, IN animal clinic, anytime!

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