5 Tips to Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Almost half of all domesticated dogs and cats are overweight. That’s a lot of pudgy pets! If your animal friend is looking a little round, it’s important to act quickly to return him to a healthy weight. Below, your Anderson, IN veterinarian tells you what to do.

See the Vet

Your first course of action should be to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian’s office to have your pet examined. This way, you’ll be able to confirm whether or not your pet is in fact overweight. Together, you and your vet will develop a tailored weight-loss plan so that your pet can return to a healthy weight in a safe manner.

Control Portion Size

Did you know that many cases of obesity in pets are caused by simple overfeeding? It’s very important that you give your pet meals in the proper portion size! Consult your veterinarian to get an exact measurement for your pet’s meals—often, you can get your pet back to a healthy size simply by feeding him the appropriate amount and removing uneaten food after a set period of time.

Change the Diet

In some cases, a pet’s diet isn’t up to par with what he needs nutritionally. If your pet is receiving a “budget” diet that contains a lot of filler material and empty calories, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Ask your vet to recommend a great diet choice that suits your pet’s age and breed. This way, your animal companion gets all the right nutrients without packing on the extra pounds.

Provide Regular Exercise

Coupled with a great diet, regular exercise is key to helping your pet lose those excess pounds and getting back to a normal weight. Dogs can be walked around the neighborhood or played with using a favorite toy; our feline friends can be enticed with catnip on a regular basis. However you do it, get your animal friend moving every day to help them burn off excess calories.

Skip the Table Scraps

Do you give your pet a lot of fatty table scraps during dinner? Nip this habit in the bud, because it’s only contributing further to your pet’s unhealthy weight. Stick to regular pet treats when you want to indulge your animal companion, and try to choose treats with some health benefit, like dental cleaning or skin and fur health.

Learn more by calling your Anderson, IN vet clinic.

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