8 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

Dogs are wonderful friends and companions, who deserve to be loved and pampered. However, keeping Fido healthy takes more than offering him snacks and ear scritches. Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet offers tips on keeping your canine pal in good shape.

Proper Diet

While Fido would probably love to eat bacon all the time, he’ll be much healthier with a good, nourishing diet. Offer your pup the best food you can afford, and don’t go overboard with treats.

Regular Activity

Exercise is absolutely crucial for your pet’s health. Of course, doggy workout requirements are not one-size-fits-all. Some pooches need up to an hour of vigorous activity each day, while others are fine with just a short walk around the block.

Toys and Playtime

Dogs are adorable when they are hard at play! Playing is great for your furry friend physically, as it helps keep him active and entertained. It will also burn off any excess energy he has, and can keep him out of mischief.


Never underestimate Fido’s capacity for mischief! Proper training can help keep your pooch out of danger. If your dog doesn’t know simple commands, take time to work on his ‘petucation.’

Good Grooming

Hygiene is just as necessary for dogs as it is for people. Fido may not like baths, but he does enjoy feeling clean. Brushing, bathing, and dental care all help keep your furry pal looking and feeling good. You’ll also need to keep Fido’s claws clipped.

Veterinary Care

Veterinary care is very important! Regular exams increase the odds of any issues being caught early, while vaccinations and parasite control protect your canine buddy from dangerous parasites and diseases. Microchipping and spay/neuter surgery are also highly recommended.


Dogs have pretty hearty appetites. They also have a habit of trying to investigate things by, well, eating them. This can be a dangerous combination! Do some puppyproofing, and remove or secure anything that you don’t want Fido eating.

Comfort and Love

Fido’s emotional well-being will also effect his physical health. Keep that cute tail wagging by paying lots of attention to your furry buddy, and making sure he feels loved, safe, and comfortable. Toys, treats, good beds, and belly rubs are all important parts of a good dog care routine!

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