Reasons Your Dog Could Be Whining

Does your dog whimper a lot? If so, you’re not alone. Like people, dogs all have their own unique voices. Some are barkers, some sing, and some don’t have much to say. Whimpering, however, is often a sign that something is wrong. Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet offers some reasons why your furry buddy might be whining.


Fido will often speak up when he is feeling hungry, thirsty, hot, or cold, just as a baby would. Your pooch may also whine if he needs a walk. Of course, sometimes dogs do get upset over less critical things. Fido may have just spotted a squirrel in the yard, and might be upset that he can’t chase it. Or, the cat may have stolen his bed again.


Dogs are very social, and they tend to get quite unhappy when they feel isolated or ignored. Make sure that you’re spending enough time with Fido, and that he’s getting lots of exercise and playtime.


Our canine buddies can suffer from fear and anxiety, just like people can. Look for other signs that something is bothering Fido. Your pooch may pace, shake, or pant if he is feeling scared or anxious, and he may tuck his tail. If your furry friend tends to whine just before you go out, he could be suffering from separation anxiety. Make sure to walk and play with Fido before you leave, to tire him out a bit.


Pooches also sometimes whine when they are sick or hurt. If Fido is usually quiet, but has recently started whimpering or whining, there could be something going on with him. Have your vet examine him right away. This is especially crucial if your pup’s whining is out of character.

Don’t Be Mad

Another reason for Fido’s doggy theatrics? He may be trying to express submission … or, to put it another way, to apologize for doing something wrong, such as eating your shoes. If your canine pal mostly whimpers when you reprimand him, he may be scared or repentful. If your pet has frequent behavioral  issues, contact your vet or a professional trainer. It’s also important to realize that positive reinforcement is always a better route to take than punishment.

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