Resolutions For People With Bunnies

Happy New Year! Or, for those of you with bunnies, Hoppy New Year. Rabbits may not be as popular as dogs and cats, but they do make wonderful pets. Why not include your furry little friend in your resolutions? An Anderson, IN vet offers a few suggestions on this below.

Provide Suitable Chews

Bunnies absolutely must have plenty of chew toys. Floppy has open-rooted teeth, so her little choppers will never stop growing. If she isn’t able to wear them down by chewing on things, she could develop painful dental issues. Keep that toy box filled with safe, suitable options. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Keep Up With Grooming

Bunnies are very clean, but they do still need some help with their beauty rituals. Brushing Floppy daily will help capture any dead hair before she swallows it. This is actually very important, as rabbits can’t expel ingested fur in hairball form, the way cats can.

Don’t Overlook Petproofing

Floppy is basically a tiny, adorable chewing machine. You’ll need to make sure to keep anything and everything you don’t want her nibbling on out of paws’ reach. Keep up with the bunnyproofing!

Take Floppy To The Vet

Rabbits need proper veterinary care, just like any other pet. Most bunnies should come in at least once a year, though your vet may recommend more frequent visits. In addition to Floppy’s regular appointments, you’ll also need to bring her in if you spot any signs of sickness.

Provide Suitable Treats

If there’s one thing all our patients enjoy, it’s treats. Floppy is no exception! Given the choice, your furball would probably want lots of sweets. A little safe fruit, such as strawberry, is fine on occasion, though in general you’ll want to limit your bunny’s sugar intake.

Do Some Research

No matter how long you’ve had rabbits, there’s always something more to learn. Do some reading on your fuzzy pal. Chances are, you’ll learn something new each time!

Score Some Binkies

We all know that dogs wag their tails when they’re happy, and cats purr. Bunnies also have their own happy dance, which is officially known as a binkie. Hopefully, you’ll be able to score a few of these adorable moves this year.

All of us here at Pendleton Veterinary Clinic, your Anderson, IN animal clinic, want to wish you a wonderful holiday season. Contact us anytime!

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