Calming A Pet Dragon

Tomorrow, January 16th, is Appreciate A Dragon Day! Bearded dragons have definitely gained a lot of fans over the last few years, as more and more people realize how cute and charming they are. Of course, it does take time to get to know these pretty lizards, and to learn how to read their moods and behavior. One thing that is important for dragon owners to understand is that stress can be very, very harmful for these guys. So what do you do if your pet dragon is feeling anxious? An Anderson, IN vet offers some tips below.

Signs Of Stress

Stress among bearded dragons is common, especially after you bring them home for the first time. Some common signs include lack of eating, changes in urates, and smelly waste. You may also notice a darker coloration or dark spots. Hissing, beard puffing, erratic or frantic behavior, reduced basking, head bobbing, and not going to the bathroom are also red flags.

Causes of Stress

Your bearded dragon isn’t likely to be upset over the news or financial woes. Usually, the cause of beardie stress is in some way related to their care or environment. Making sure that your pet has a comfy, roomy living enclosure, complete with the right conditions, lights, temperature gradients, and accessories, will go a long way here. Good food and toys are also important. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Safe Space

Beardies can get overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a new environment. Give your pet a quiet, calm space. One option is to cover their tank. The tank should also be in a quiet spot, so your lizard won’t be frightened by the noise or commotion of people hanging out in front of it. A good background can also help your dragon feel safer.

Warm Bath

A (supervised) warm bath can be just as relaxing for a dragon as it is for us. This will also help keep your reptilian pal properly hydrated. The water should be right around 85-92 degrees, and no deeper than your pet’s chest.

Talk It Out

Most of our animal companions do become familiar with their humans’ voices. Many even seem to really enjoy being spoken to! Try talking to your pet dragon in a gentle, friendly tone.

Do you have questions about caring for bearded dragons? Contact us, your Anderson, IN animal clinic, anytime!

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