Raising A Cuddly Kitten

Cuddly Kitten Day is March 23rd. There are few things on this planet that can melt our hearts more quickly than kittens. These tiny balls of fur are almost impossibly cute! Of course, Fluffy will always be adorable. However, she could become a bit more aloof over time: some adult cats are more cuddly than others. If you’ve recently adopted a kitten, now is the time to focus on bringing her up to be a polite, affectionate adult. A Anderson, IN vet offers some advice on this below.


Playing is important for a few reasons. For one thing, it gives your furball a chance to work off any angst or excess energy she has. She’ll be calmer after, and probably more interested in snuggling with you than in pouncing on your toes. Plus, when you take time to hold a wand toy or laser pointer, little Fluffy will know that you’re making an effort to make her happy. That will definitely score you some points!

Offer Lap Space

Many of our feline friends love snuggling up in their human’s laps. Let little Fluffy nap on you if she likes! It’s a very high honor when a cat thinks of you as furniture!


It’s very important to teach your kitty proper manners now, while she’s young. That means discourage biting and scratching, even if it’s done playfully. If little Fluffy attacks you, just say ‘No’ or ‘Put your claws away’ and then ignore her for a while.

Veterinary Care

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper veterinary care. Little Fluffy will need her initial exams, as well as parasite control and vaccinations. When it’s time, you’ll also want to get your feline pal fixed. Fluffy will be much calmer and better behaved after, and less likely to spray or run off looking for love.


It’s really not hard to keep kitties happy, healthy, and comfortable. Set out lots of toys, and provide good food, clean litter, and fresh water. Beds, toys, cat furniture, and scratching posts will also help get that motor going.

Keep Kitty In

We always recommend keeping kitties indoors. It’s just much safer for them! This will also help your feline buddy understand that she’s an indoor cat, and not a real lion.

As your Anderson, IN animal clinic, we’re here to help. Please contact us for your kitten’s veterinary care needs!

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