Grooming A Large Dog

Is your canine companion on the larger side? Big dogs definitely take up some big places in our hearts. (And on our sofas, and in our cars, and on our floors.) There’s a lot to love about larger breeds. However, these guys do have some specific care needs. This applies to their diets, exercise, and even grooming regimens. An Anderson, IN vet offers some advice on Fido’s beauty care in this article.

Grooming Station

While most of our canine patients are definitely not fans of jumping into tubs, this can be extra uncomfortable for big pups. Your pooch may get nervous if you try to pick him up and put him in a tub, as he probably isn’t used to this. Slips and falls are also a concern, especially with older dogs. Get a good non-slip mat to put down in Fido’s bath station. Or, weather permitting, just take him outdoors, and bathe him with a hose.

Get Specific Gear

Your pup may need to have a special kind of brush or detangler. While many of these products are one-size fits all, there are some things that were made just for bigger dogs. You’ll also want to get large nail clippers.

Make It Fun

Fido isn’t usually a fan of baths. However, it’s important for him to form positive associations with his beauty sessions. Otherwise, if he gets truly scared and starts to struggle, you could have a really hard time. Teach him that he’ll get a yummy snack after (or even during) bath time. This desensitization training may take time, but it will be well worth it. If possible, start grooming while your furry buddy is young.

Consider A Groomer

You may want to take your canine buddy to a salon. Look for one that has stations which are easy for Fido to get in and out of. You and your pooch could both get hurt if you try to lift him and drop him!

Stretch Out Time

How often your furry best friend needs to be bathed will depend on his coat type. If possible, you may be able to extend the time between Fido’s baths by regularly brushing him and using pet wipes or damp cloths to wipe him down. Ask your vet for recommendations.

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