Bunny Care Tips

Easter is just around the corner! Bunnies are in the spotlight as the spring holiday approaches. This is both good and bad. Rabbits are very cute and lovable, and can be perfect matches for some people. Like any other pet, they do need lots of love and care, though. An Anderson, IN vet discusses rabbit care below.

Get Floppy Fixed

Being spayed greatly reduces the odds of womb cancer in female bunnies, and helps keep males from acting aggressive. Ask your vet for more information.

Offer A Proper Diet

Bunnies have a unique digestive process. When they eat, they produce special dry pellets called caecotrophs. They then eat these, absorbing nutrients the second time around. Proper nutrition is crucial! Fresh hay, such as Timothy hay, should form the bulk of Floppy’s meals. Commercial food, supplemented with safe produce, will complete her menu.

Keep Up With Grooming

Bunnies are quite clean, but they do have a few quirks. They don’t shed continuously, but blow their coats all at once in a process called molting. They are also in danger of getting flystrike in hot weather, particularly if their skin gets wet or damp. Floppy will also need weekly nail and dental care.

Be Prepared To Commit

It’s still far too common for people to adopt rabbits without really understanding their care needs, only to get frustrated when bunnies act like, well, bunnies. Don’t proceed unless you’re committed to caring for Floppy for the rest of her life. Adoption is forever!


Never underestimate Floppy’s penchant for chewing … everything. Bunnyproofing is definitely in order! Address potential hazards, such as small/sharp objects, wires and cords, toxic plants, medicines, chemicals, and personal items, like shoes and purses. You may need to use protective coverings on baseboards, doors, and furniture legs.

Do Your Research

Rabbits are quite fascinating little furballs. They are highly social, very intelligent, and can be trained to use litterboxes or do simple tricks. Research things like treats, toys, care tips, and signs of illness to look for. Your vet can be a great source of information here.


Love and TLC are the not-so-secret ingredients here. Make lots of time for Floppy! Your pet will need daily free time. Pay attention to her, talk to her, and play with her.

Do you have questions about rabbit care? Please contact us, your Anderson, IN animal clinic, anytime!

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