Getting Your Dog Ready For Summer

Summer may still be a little ways off, but the weather is steadily warming, and lots of seasonal activities are already getting started. Fido may not be too worried about stashing away winter stuff, but you will need to tweak his care regimen a bit as the warm weather approaches. Here, an Anderson, IN veterinarian offers some advice on getting your canine pal ready for the heat.


Brushing and bathing Fido will get that dead fur and dander out of his coat, keeping him clean and comfy. If you take your canine companion for a haircut before summer, it’s probably time to book that appointment. Late May is usually a good time for this. Applying paw balm and trimming your pup’s nails should also be on the agenda.

Preventative Care

It won’t be long before mosquitos and other parasites are out in droves. Keep Fido current on his vaccines and parasite control! Your furry friend should also be microchipped and wearing his ID tags.

Yard Dog

Does Fido have a yard to chase squirrels around in? That’s great! Just make sure your fencing is secure. You’ll also want to remove any potential hazards, such as toxic plants or debris. To get that cute tail going, add a doghouse, kiddie pool, and/or sandbox. Fido will also need an outdoor water station.


Whether it’s the neighbor’s cat, the squirrel across the road, or just the scent of someone grilling out, there’s no shortage of things Fido may want to investigate. Make sure that your pooch knows basic commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down.


Did Fido spend most of winter in his doggy bed, dreaming about chasing squirrels? If so, your furry buddy may be out of shape. That’s something to keep in mind before you take him on any long hikes or vigorous excursions. Build his endurance up slowly.


Do you like to take your canine bff out and about with you? Keep a bag of doggy necessities in the car. This should include water, food, dishes, treats, a tie-line, towels, waste baggies, and pet first-aid supplies. (Tip: include important paperwork, such as your pup’s vaccination records and a first-aid brochure.) You and Fido will be ready for anything!

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