Holidays With Cats

Happy Holidays! Our feline friends somehow manage to be extra adorable at this time of year. Cats put smiles on lots of faces with their charming antics and affectionate purrs. However, you will need to pay some extra attention to your kitty this month. An Anderson, IN vet discusses spending the holidays with Fluffy in this article.


Never underestimate Fluffy’s capacity for mischief! This time of year can be dangerous, as so many popular decorations are unsafe for cats. Some things to keep out of paws’ reach include tinsel strands, light cords, ribbons, ornaments and ornament hooks, small or sharp objects, candies, and candles. Many seasonal plants, such as poinsettias, holly, and ivy, are also unsafe, as are water bowls for real trees. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Take time to play with Fluffy every day. Once she’s worked off her zoomies, she’ll naturally be a bit calmer, and less likely to wreak havoc on, well, everything. This will also help her cope with any kitty angst she’s feeling over schedule changes, visitors, and commotion.

Provide Safe Haven

Make sure that your feline buddy always has a spot to retreat to if things get loud or noisy. This doesn’t have to be fancy: a spot under a bed may do perfectly well.

Expect ‘Help’

Fluffy can be a bit bratty, but at the end of the day, she is very grateful for the love, food, catnip, toys, litter, and lap space you offer. (Your furry pal may try to thank you by ‘helping’ with things like gift wrapping, leaving hair on chairs, and changing sheets, but that’s another topic.)

Take Photos

Don’t forget to snap some adorable photos of Fluffy! Try snapping from kitty eye level. If your furball is posing in front of the tree, blur the background a bit.

Bring On The Purr!

Fluffy deserves a special gift, too! Toys are always a good bet. You can’t go wrong with classics, but your feline buddy may also enjoy something new, like a remote-controlled mouse. Other good options include kitty furniture, beds, catnip, and scratching posts. 

Enjoy Quality Time

The holidays can get pretty stressful. Remember to take some time to relax and unwind. Kitties are always willing to help with that! Fluffy makes a purrfect lap warmer.

Seasons greetings from Pendleton Veterinary Clinic, your local Anderson, IN animal clinic. Call us anytime!

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