Resolutions For People With Reptiles

Happy New Year! It’s probably safe to say that there are many more people starting the new year out with reptilian pets than there have been in any prior years. Reptiles are becoming quite popular! About 3.89 million households now have at least one. If you’ve recently—or even not so recently—adopted a reptile, why not incorporate your little buddy into your goals for the new year? An Anderson, IN vet lists some resolutions for reptile owners in this article.

Provide A Better Habitat

Reptiles generally spend the majority of their time in their enclosures, so it’s important that their homes be roomy, comfortable, fun, and safe. One great resolution would be to get your pet a bigger and/or nicer habitat. You may also want to look into upgrading some of your heating and/or lighting equipment, or getting your reptilian pal a new hide or perhaps some new accessories.

Do More Research

Life is about growth and learning, and while that applies to all aspects of our lives, this is a great time to focus on your animal companion. Take some time to do a bit of reading about your pet, or subscribe to newsletters and podcasts. Learn more about your tiny dinosaur! You really can never know too much about reptiles!

Support Animal Welfare

Reptiles suffer from bad PR. Many people think of them as nuisances, without realizing the role they play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. Unfortunately, that’s become a serious issue.  Many wild animals are facing a looming crisis, with threats from habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and invasive species all coming into play. There are many things you can do to help preserve and protect reptiles and their natural habitats. For instance, you can make it a point to choose products that promote sustainability. Even small steps can make a difference!

Shop Wisely

Wild captured reptiles are still popular on the black market, and can often be found at conventions and trade shows. This is cruel to the pet, as wild animals really never feel comfortable being kept as pets. It’s also dangerous for the environment, as it can upset the balance of fragile ecosystems. If you want to adopt a reptile, go through a reputable store or breeder. 


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