Golden Retriever Day

February 3rd may be one of the most adorable doggy holidays ever: it’s Golden Retriever Day! While we love all of our canine companions, we have to admit that one would be hard-pressed to find a cuter, more lovable dog than this beloved pooch. An Anderson, IN vet offers some basic information on these Very Good Boys in this article.


Goldens are pretty large dogs: males can be about two feet high, on average, and weigh up to 75 pounds. Females grow up to about 22 inches, and usually weigh about 60 pounds. However, those measurements have not been adjusted to account for Fido’s love of food, which is significant. Your canine pal will happily overeat, and can quickly become obese. (It doesn’t help that these guys are absolute expert beggars.)


Golden Retrievers were originally bred to retrieve game. The records that provide the most information about the breed’s development are dated between 1835 and 1890, and come from gamekeepers at a Scottish estate belonging to Lord Tweedmouth. The lord’s great-nephew, a historian and sports enthusiast, published the records, giving credence to word-of-mouth tales. True to form, Fido bounded happily into the ranks of the AKC back in 1925.


Goldens have absolutely wonderful personalities. They are friendly, loyal, and happy, and often live to please their owners. They are also easy to train. Fido absolutely loves water, which is no surprise, given his original job of retrieving fowl. While we can’t say there are any downsides to having a Golden, we do have a bit of a warning. These pups are super energetic and playful, and can be prone to mischief. They are also very sociable, and don’t care about being left alone all day, especially in small spaces.


Is your canine buddy a Golden? Do something special for Fido to celebrate his special day! A new treat or toy will get that tail going, but your pup would likely also be thrilled with a trip to a park. Of course, when you wind down at the end of the day, this is a great time to watch a movie featuring a Golden. There are some ‘awesome’ ones to choose from, such as Air Bud, The Art Of Racing In The Rain, The Parent Trap and Homeward Bound.

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