Kitty Philosophy

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your cat’s mind? Kitties certainly do seem to follow their own rules when it comes to navigating through those nine lives. (Fluffy actually only has one life, but we’re not sure if she ever got that memo.) A local Anderson, IN vet goes over some aspects of kitty philosophy in this article.

Get Lots Of Sleep

If Fluffy had to pick just one golden rule, this would be it. Getting enough sleep is the big thing, but it’s also important to get the right kinds of sleep. Napping, dozing, and deep sleep are all very different as far as kitties are concerned.

Keep The Humans Guessing

If there’s one thing we know about our furry overlords, it’s that they never stop surprising us with their adorable (and often purrplexing) quirks. Whether Fluffy has taken to standing on her back legs, is suddenly obsessed with eating wallpaper, or just can’t resist smacking things off the table, she will keep you on your toes … when she isn’t pouncing on them.

Be Picky About Your Food

It’s easy to poke fun of Fluffy for being so finicky, but there actually is a good reason for her fussiness. In the wild, cats only eat their prey fresh, and they will automatically turn their cute noses up at anything that seems off.

Speak Your Mind

Our feline friends are definitely not shy about expressing their opinions. Fluffy may meow, chirp, hiss, purr, or walk away with her nose up to express herself. (Cats also attack out of affection, which can be confusing, but that’s another topic.)

Soak Up The Sun

Does your furball enjoy sprawling out in sunbeams? Kitties love finding warm spots to snooze in, so it’s not really a surprise that Fluffy is a big fan of sunbathing.

Stay Fit

Our feline pals can get a bit lazy, but they do enjoy running, jumping, and pouncing. Help Fluffy stay active by providing her with fun toys and play with her regularly.

Look Your Best

Kitties are very clean! Fluffy will take time to groom herself daily, making sure her coat stays soft and smooth.

Show Your Love

Jokes aside, cats are actually very affectionate, and form strong bonds with their owners. Spend lots of quality time with Fluffy!

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