Your Child’s First Reptile

Has your little one been begging for a pet? This can be tricky footing to navigate. While many people start with gerbils or hamsters, there are a few reptiles that make suitable pets for youngsters. A local Anderson, IN vet discusses getting your child a reptile below.

Things To Consider

Children often develop and outgrow interests very quickly, as they are figuring out what they like. It’s all too common for youngsters to beg for pets, and then move on to something else. Make sure that you are willing and able to take over the pet’s care if need be.


We know, not everyone is as enamored with reptiles as we are. That said, our scaled and shelled pals do have some great characteristics. They’ve very pretty to look at, and don’t make much noise. They won’t dig through your trash or leave hairballs on the sofa, and don’t need any training. Reptiles are also a good bet for anyone with allergies. (We also think they’re pretty adorable, but we may be biased.)


There are also a few negatives to consider. While many reptiles don’t need much daily care, it’s important to know what it does take to keep them healthy. First-time reptile owners do face a learning curve there. You may also need to make regular trips to the pet store to buy your pet’s food. Given that many reptiles eat frozen mice or live bugs, this can be off-putting for anyone with a weak stomach. Your pet will also need specific environmental conditions. The equipment needed for this runs on electricity, which means sorting out a backup in case you lose power. Also, some reptiles carry salmonella. Make sure your child is mature enough to thoroughly wash their hands after handling their pet.

Choosing A Reptile

Picking the right reptile may very well be half the battle. One thing to consider is longevity. Some turtles live to be well over a hundred! You’ll want to do some research on this. It’s also important to know how large your child’s tiny dinosaur will get. Iguanas start out small, but can eventually grow to be six feet long. Bearded dragons, anole lizards, and Leopard geckos are all good options for mature children. Ask your vet for more information. 

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