Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

February 3rd is National Golden Retriever Day! While we love all of our canine pals, Goldens really are treasures. These cute, lovable pups are wonderful pets and companions, and they can definitely melt hearts. Read on as a local Anderson, IN vet lists some things you may have not known about Fido.

They’re Eternally Cheerful

Goldens are known for having happy, silly personalities. In fact, these guys really grow up, and tend to always be puppies at heart. They are so cheerful that their friendly demeanor was actually written into the breed standard, in which Fido’s tail is noted as moving in a ‘merry fashion.’

Three Choices

There are three different types of Golden Retrievers: English, American, and Canadian. Just don’t ask us to pick a favorite: they’re all adorable!

Movie Stars

Goldens have been the stars of many different movies, including Homeward Bound, Air Bud, and The Retrievers. They’ve also appeared in quite a few TV shows. There’s Brandon, from Punky Brewster, Comet from Full House, and Shelby from Smallville, to name just a few.

Lab Or Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are often confused with the Labrador Retriever, a close cousin and another lovable pup. Not sure how to tell the difference? Labs have shorter coats!

Black Tongue

Did you know that some Goldens have black spots on their tongues and gums? This isn’t anything to be concerned with, as it’s just extra pigmentation. However, it may interest you to know that Fido isn’t the only animal with this trait. Giraffes, polar bears, and even some types of cattle can also have black-spotted tongues.

A Natural Swimmer

If your furry best friend is a Golden, you’ve probably already discovered that Fido absolutely loves the water. Retrieving fowl and ducks was one of the Golden’s first jobs. They even have webbing between their toes!

Rumor Has It

For some reason, there have been many widespread rumors about Goldens being descended from Russian circus dogs. However, the breed officially traces back to a Lord Tweedmouth of Scotland, who crossed his yellow retriever to a Tweed Water Spaniel, and ended up with the first of many adorable litters of Golden puppies. (We probably don’t have to tell you this, but Golden Retriever puppies are ridiculously cute.)

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