Things You Should Never Teach Your Dog

February is Dog Training Month! Training is very important for Fido, both for safety reasons and for petiquette. You can find quite a bit of information on what you should teach your canine buddy, as well as lots of tips and tricks pertaining to how to train him. But while there are certainly lots of do’s to training, there also some pretty big don’ts to be aware of. An Anderson, IN vet lists some things you definitely do not want to teach your pup below.

Being Caught Is Bad

Fido should definitely know the command to Come. But what happens if he gets away, and refuses to come when you call? Even though he is disobeying you, the last thing you want to do when you catch him is to reprimand him. That will just teach him that he’s better off staying away!

You Can Be Bossed Around

It’s quite surprising how many dogs think they are in charge of their humans, rather than it being the other way around. (Note: in most households, it’s actually the cat that’s in control, but that’s another topic.) This can cause many behavioral issues, up to and including aggression. If Fido thinks he’s the ‘alpha’ of the pack, ask your vet or a professional behaviorist for tips on correcting this misconception.

Jumping Is Okay

Does Fido like to greet people at the door by jumping on them? This is one bad habit you definitely want to nip in the bud. It can actually be very dangerous, especially with big dogs.

Begging Works

Fido is very, very good at convincing his humans to hand over yummy tidbits. We know, that sad face is cute, but this really is a bad habit. Some dogs start to get very pushy about food, which can lead to aggression. Plus, there’s a chance that your pooch could end up eating something that’s bad for him.


When training your pup, it’s crucial for you to always focus on positive reinforcement. Never strike or yell at your canine pal, even if he has misbehaved. Fido doesn’t understand punishment, especially after the fact. Plus, some dogs want attention so badly that they will settle for negative attention. Focus on rewarding good behavior.

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